Use Case 5 Green Hydrogen Plant (Battery, H2 Storage, & Renewables)

Case Overview

A standalone hydrogen production plant with integrated wind and solar generation plus hydrogen and battery storage. Production is for transport fuels with additional income from Renewable Transport Obligation Certificates is assumed.

Assets - Example Case

  • 8.75MW PEM Electrolyser
  • 6MW Wind Generation
  • 11MW Solar PV
  • 5MWh Battery
  • 1000kg H 2 Storage
  • Mixed Interger Non Linear Programming (MINLP) Control Algorithm


Various time-of-use tariff assumptions based on UK market data. Balancing market hour-ahead auction participation also considered. RTFC value assumed to be equivalent to £46 per MWh of renewable generation used for hydrogen production.

Control and Data Capture

Multi-day optimisation using MINLP to assess optimal production strategies based on different electrolyser loading strategies. Results indicate that <<100% loading of the electrolysers based on maximising use of renewable generation is optimal, particularly considering RTFC value and the current and predicted high energy tariff levels.


The video below conceptualises the current setup in block form and shows a simulation/animation of the assets described above. Arrow sizes represent flows associated with use case.

H2 Animatiom
Figure 1. Use Case 5 Green H2 Animation FLows .

H2 Animatiom
Figure 2. Use Case 5 Green H2 Graphs .


  • Net Revenues = Export to grid - Import from Grid Revenues
  • Simulation over one week; Half Hour by Half Hour. Sim start from HH -96
  • Graphs show rolling window. Note the right hand side of the graph shows the latest output. Those to the left of that point represent the historical points
  • Note zero flow lines still shown

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