Solution Library

The Solutions Libary can be seen as a repository for the lessons learned during this project especially in terms of the development of a VPP platform and its associated hardware. The library includes Excel data sheets, pdf descriptions of various use cases, technology and commercial selection aids and a high level economic assessment tool. The project team has been documenting the processes that have been followed in the assessments so far with a view to provide outline process flow diagrams as part of the solution library eg a guide on how to assess new projects.
Solutions associated with this work can be categorized along a number of dimensions including but not limited to:

  • The technology or assets used.
  • The algorithms used to maximise revenues ‐ what works and when.
  • Risk management and trading
  • Deciding on the appropriate Business models.
  • Capturing and assessing Value/Value Stacking.
  • VPP software platforms (Technical and software).
  • Markets for the sale of flexibility.
  • Routes to Market.

Many of these elements are interlinked.

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An Enhanced Virtual Power Plant (VPP) + Energy Pool Integration for Local and Regional Resistance