Use Case 1: Myres Hill Wind Turbine Only Exporting to Grid

Case Overview

A small 225 kW Vestas V27 wind turbine + 2 x 0.9 MW turbines situated at Myres Hill near East Kilbride Scotland UK. The turbines are connected to an 11 KV grid connection and feeds the Castle Grid Supply point at 33kV/275kV. A small load is also connected near the Myres Hill, but is not used in this scenario. The turbine can be controlled using a simple on off API built for the project. This scenario was used to prove the ability of the VPP platform to read in data and send control signals to a turbine. Only the smaller turbine is controlled.


  • 1x 225 kW Vestas V27 Wind Turbine + 2X NEG Micon NM52 turbines each generating 0.9 megawatts (MW).
  • Load Nearby ~ 60 kW.


The wind turbine sells its output on a fixed PPA.

Control and Data Capture

Use case 1 captures data from the wind turbine eg windspeed, Power output and market data from octopus agile outgoing. The VPP is able to switch the wind turbine on and off using an API created for the project.


The video below conceptualises the current setup in block form and shows a simulation/animation of the assets described above. Arrow sizes represent flows associated with use case. Power flows are rounded to the nearest integer. Note this is an hypothetical example for demonstration - Animation under construction.

MH wind only animation
Figure 1. Use Case 1 Myres Hill Wind Turbine Only .

MH wind graph wind out
Figure 2. Use Case 2 Myres Hill Wind Output 1 week .

  • Simulation over one week; Half Hour by Half Hour. Sim start from HH - 1
  • Figure 1 shows rolling window. Note the right hand side of the graph shows the latest output. Those to the left of that point represent the historical points
  • Note zero flow lines on Animation still shown
  • Figure 2 shows the wind output at Myres Hill for one week.

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